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However, the Surface Phone could be so incredible that the long distance between Microsoft and Apple in this field will disappear, since this is a mobile device would wear incredible specs and features that would make it a huge threat to the upcoming iPhone 8. In fact, some analyst suggests that the Surface Phone is even more expected than the Apple flagship.

It Will Change Microsoft´s Image As A Smartphone Maker

As I just told before, Microsoft´s phones haven’t been exactly flagships killers or even a great alternative to the most popular brands, which is something that has created a disastrous reputation for the company as a smartphone maker, considering that Microsoft´s brand is huge in tech businesses.

Naturally, if the Surface Phone ends up meeting expectations, the image as a smartphone maker will change drastically for Microsoft, which is something that could even set a turning point in the phone business, considering that the popularity that the Surface Phone would have could be extremely beneficial for the tech giant in the next mobile devices. Naturally, this would have a serious effect on the smartphone market, since there will be a new competitor that could get a big piece of the cake in less than expected.

The Surface Phone Would Increase Microsoft´s Popularity

Don´t get me wrong, Microsoft is one of the most popular brands in the history, to the point in which the tech business owes a lot to this company because of the way in which tech companies are now the major players in the market. Nevertheless, even when its popularity still high, the Surface Phone could be the key to increasing it by large, which could have really good consequences for the company and its products.

With a better popularity, Microsoft´s sales in many other products could increase, since the Surface Phone could work as some kind of portable advertising, an incredible way of telling customers that the company makes extraordinary products that anyone should buy. Given this situation, is not a surprise that Microsoft treats the Surface Phone as its own Holy Grail. Source: itechpost