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#Games #PokemonGo – Pokemon Go Update: How Eggs Are Sorted On Inventory Screen : Ever wonder how Eggs are sorted in Pokemon Go? You are about to find out. One of the best-selling mobile games of 2016 Pokemon Go definitely has a lot of mystery as to how the game works especially that it is one of the first games that introduced the concept of augmented reality worldwide. Six months after the release of the game, a Pokemon Go update on the mystery of how the Eggs in the game are sorted has now been answered.

How Do Eggs Get Sorted

In Pokemon Go, trainers can see all the Eggs they have by pressing the PokeBall on the bottom of their device’s screens. After that, the “Pokemon” tab is selected and then the “Eggs” tab thereafter. The Eggs are not sorted according to the time you obtained them such that the newest Eggs are found on top of the list and the oldest at the bottom. Neither are these Eggs arranged according to the level of hatching, meaning they are fixed according to the ones who are closest to hatching. They are not arranged randomly in the inventory as well.

A Reddit user posed a specific theory on this. The theory is that the Eggs are fixed in the inventory on a basis of how near a trainer is to where the Egg was originally obtained. Thus, the Eggs on top are those Eggs whose original niche are nearest from the trainer.

Pokemon Go Update

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/GameXplain account

The original comment on Reddit hyped up the Pokemon community and hundreds of fans have also contributed their specific Pokemon Go updates, comments, proof and theories too. Another user who tested the theory said that the Eggs did seem to be fixed based on the player’s distance from where the Egg was obtained.