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#Games #NintendoSwitch – NINTENDO SWITCH PRICE AND RELEASE DATE LEAKED BY TWO ONLINE RETAILERS : March is almost upon us but Nintendo has yet to give up the official price and release date of the Switch. But it looks like these two retailers made the slip.

2016 has been good to the gaming industry. The PlayStation 4 Pro made gaming a visual feast, the Xbox One S is taking power to a whole new level, and the Nintendo Switch took the world by storm with its trailer release.

But what’s better about 2017 is that the Nintendo Switch is finally happening. And for Nintendo fans who just couldn’t wait to move on from the horror of the Wii U, the upcoming Nintendo Switch could be the salvation that they have been waiting for for years.

We know by now that March is the official release date of the Nintendo Switch. Several online and local retailers are already taking pre-orders, but Nintendo continues its obnoxious silent streak, refusing to drop an official date (like, when exactly in March are we talking about?!) and an official price. Will it kill them to give these key details up, or are they still indecisive?

Nintendo continues to stay mum about the Nintendo Switch [Image by Nintendo]

Nintendo continues to stay mum about the Nintendo Switch [Image by Nintendo]

Nonetheless, it looks like Nintendo has already given up the release date and price for the Nintendo Switch to their retailers and two online retailers in particular have made the slip.

The first slip was in November when, according to Shack News, the Canadian branch of Toys R Us published an online advertisement listing the Nintendo Switch at $329.99 CAD (approximately $245 USD).

However, it looks like the posting was a slip up so the listing was immediately taken down.

But then again, just this week, online media outlets have again witnessed another online listing of the Nintendo Switch. Game Spot spots UK retailer GameSeek who has the Nintendo Switch listed at the moment for pre-order at £198.50 (again, around $245 USD).

Apart from the price, the listing puts a March 17 release date for orders. In fact, it’s hard to ignore the validity of the listing since it’s already a pre-order listing, with a Pre-order Price Guarantee that guarantees those who pre-order that they will be paying the lower price if the product releases to a different price. As of writing, you can still view the Nintendo Switch listing and place your order at GameSeek.