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#Games #NintendoSwitch – Nintendo Switch Price, games and Switch release date news : While this could be a placeholder date and price, it’s worth taking into account that Gameseek also has a guarantee that states that if you pre-order now, the Nintendo Switch will remain £198.50, even if the actual retail cost is revealed to be higher.

As Nintendo insider Laura Kate Dale points out, UK retailers traditionally set their own prices for new Nintendo consoles. Another piece of eye-catching news from this week is another source stating that the Nintendo Switch price will fall under the $300 mark for certain versions of the console.

Dale recently took part in a Reddit AMA, a person who has proven a groundswell of knowledge on the subject since it was first announced, “Still hearing £200-ish entry point for Switch, she posted, adding: “I have heard March 17 UK, so middle of the month.”

However, other pre-orders have gone live on rival retailers, posting slightly different information. Nintendo Switch pre-order page briefly went live on UK retailer Argos, complete with a hefty price tag.

The Nintendo Switch pre-order page, which has since been removed, was updated with a £299.99 price. While the retailer suggested that the price could change, £299.99 has previously been touted as the Nintendo Switch price.

A different retailer leak suggested the Nintendo Switch would cost £200, but nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo. Meanwhile, Ovum analyst Paul Jackson echoes Pachter, arguing that £200-£220 represents the “sweet spot for mass adoption”, and that £300 would be a good price to start with for Nintendo.