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#BMW #ToyotaCorolla – Next Generation Toyota Corolla Will Be Powered By BMW Engine : Toyota’s Corolla is one of America’s best-selling compact vehicles and it appears that the Japanese automaker intends to keep it that way. The next generation of Toyota Corolla will be drawing power from an engine developed by BMW. Maintaining its best seller stature will certainly be an easier task to accomplish if this comes to pass.

It Goes Beyond The Supra

Earlier this year, it was reported that BMW is collaborating with Toyota in the creation of the next generation of Supra. However, it seems that the partnership between two of the biggest automakers in the industry goes beyond the Supra. According to a report from Digital Trends, BMW will be equipping the next Toyota Corolla with its engine. Whether it will also help in the adjustments of other aspects in the Corolla such as brakes, suspension and other functionality however, remains to be seen.

What Kind Of Engine Will It Be?

It was mentioned that the agreement to collaborate on different projects between Toyota and BMW was sealed in 2011. Apparently, the latter supplying the former with a couple of engines was part of the deal that was supposed to start by year 2014. Most of the details regarding the kind of engine that will be fitted in the next generation of Toyota are kept under wraps at this point.

Reports suggest that a turbocharged four-cylinder engine will be the next generation Corolla’s new engine. Given the fact that the common problem people have with the previous Corollas was its lack of power, there is also a chance that a more powerful engine will be fitted into the Japanese automaker’s best-selling compact.

When Can Consumers See This?

Reports state that the production of the Toyota Corolla will not start until 2018. This means the next generation will most likely be offered as a 2019 model. At this point, all consumers can do is wait and see as there might still be changes along the way. Source: itechpost