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#Microsoft #SurfacePro5 – Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date news: Surface Book discount price hints at release of Pro 5; to be launched at Creators Update event? : The discounted price of the Microsoft Surface Book may hint at the release of the much-awaited Microsoft Surface Pro 5, which is already being expected to come out in March. This is said to be the perfect time for the Redmond-based company to launch the Pro 5 as people are looking for new gadgets to start the year off.

Microsoft’s Surface Book 128 GB solid-state drive (SSD) can be purchased for $1,349 instead of $1,499 while the 256 GB SSD variant can be owned by investing $1,749. This is a great discount from the $1,899 price tag.

It is believed that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will beat Apple’s MacBook Pro 2016 following the latter’s criticism about its battery issue. There is news that the Cupertino-based tech company has decided to still use the Intel Skylake system on chip (SoC), which limits the random-access memory (RAM) to only 16 GB.

This is why Microsoft is expected to release Microsoft Surface Pro 5 while the iron is hot. Enthusiasts forecast that the device will come out in the first quarter of this year, probably in March. The device is anticipated due to its flexible feature of being a tablet and a laptop at the same time.

It can be remembered that the Surface Pro 4 was launched in October 2015, leaving the enthusiast expecting for an October 2015 launch for Pro 5. However, after the October Windows event, Microsoft has announced Surface Studio and Surface Book i7.

PC Advisor reports that Microsoft is holding the Creators Update, which will showcase Windows 10, so the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 may be seen at the event. The event is set in the spring of this year.

As for the specs, nothing much has been confirmed, but it is speculated that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will install the much-talked-about Kaby Lake Core i7, according to Forbes. The current model has the sixth-generation Intel Skylake processors, Core i7, Core i5 and Core m3. The price is believed to be above $2,000. Source: christiantimes