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#Microsoft #SurfacePhone – The Microsoft Surface Phone Is Still An Elephant In The Room : Right now, we’ve heard and read the words “Surface Phone” more often than actual smartphones that are coming in this year. The alleged new phone from Microsoft has been mentioned a ton of times online while the company has kept mum on the matters regarding it. While it’s already very easy to assume that the Surface Phone is actually coming in anytime soon, fans can’t really put in 100 percent of their trust on it as long as Microsoft does not acknowledge the said device.

Microsoft CEO Talks About Smartphone Plans

Microsoft is in no way selfish in sharing information on its future smartphone plans. However, the company never mentions the Surface Phone whenever they talk about its future plans. Yes, they intend to introduce new smartphones. However, no one’s assured that one of them will be the long-rumored Surface Phone. What Microsoft points out is that it will continue to be present in the smartphone market. Whether or not there is a Surface Phone coming up, no one has confirmed.

What the company says is that their next smartphone will still be focused on differentiating itself from the rest. It will still focus on what it does best. This includes security, manageability, and PC-level greatness, as per an ONMSFT report.

Although this still falls in line with what the Surface Phone is rumored to come with, Microsoft’s failure to recognize its existence is still keeping the said phone from being a sure deal.