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Microsoft Surface Book 2 2017: New Design

The 2017 Surface Book will also have some minor tweaks in its design getting an inspiration from its previous model. Although the current Surface Book has been well appreciated, its Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge attracted dirt easily and that wasn’t well appreciated. According to recent reports, Microsoft might do a couple of changes to the Surface Book 2 2017 so as to curb this problem.

The new design might either feature a detachable screen or a new design that may allow the laptop to be totally closed down. This new design will not allow the dirt to enter, however, there’s also a possibility that the first design may be taken up.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 2017: Release Date & Price


As Microsoft has quite recently rolled out the Surface Book i7, it is very likely that the Surface Book 2 will be rolled out in the second quarter of 2017. If the recent rumors are to be believed, the release date will happen sometime after the Redstone 2 update has been rolled out for Windows 10 OS.

No official announcement has yet been made regarding the upcoming Surface Book’s price, however, it’s expected to come with a higher price tag than the current model, which can be purchased for $1,500. Stay tuned to SWR for more news and updates on Microsoft Surface Book 2 2017 release date, specs and price details. Source: Scienceworldreport