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#iPhone7 #iOS10iPhone 7 to be a Big Disappointment to Apple Fans?: Release Date, Price & Rumors :Bad reviews have flanked Apple’s yet-to-be-released iPhone 7 after a top Apple analyst revealed how the company will not manufacture the device with a better display.

According to Apple Insider, fans had expected that the Cupertino company would already be making use of AMOLED displays on their new flagship phone since the Apple Watch already has it.

However, word from Ming-Chi Kuo, a senior analyst from KGI Securities and a credible source of Apple insight, revealed that the next Apple flagship will not feature an AMOLED display.

Kuo explained that the suppliers of the iPhone-maker remain loyal to liquid crystal display or LCD as they are said to be investing more on LCD panel production since they believe that Apple would continue ordering them in the future.

In fact, companies like the Foxconn Technology Group already made arrangements for factories in China’s Henan Province to manufacture new production lines of LTPS TFT-LCD in Zhengzhou because they believe more orders would come next year and beyond.

Minebea Co. Ltd., a Japan-based backlight manufacturing company, thinks that AMOLED would not be gaining on LCDs in smartphones and other devices in the next three years.

Since all these plans can be disrupted if Apple decides to shift to AMOLEd displays, there may be a big possibility that Kuo’s analysis will become a reality. However, this simply did not sit right with many outlets includingForbes, which dubbed it as a “maybe next time situation.”

According to the leaked research note from Kuo, the earliest possible time Apple could be migrating to the newer technology is in 2018. While there may be a question of what the big deal about it is, Forbes noted that the big difference between AMOLED and LCD displays is not the quality of imagery since Apple is already known to manufacture smartphones that has high quality displays.

Aside from that, there are other brands of smartphones that claim have AMOLED displays but have very poor color accuracy, which Forbes described as having an “exaggerated, almost cartoonish color.”

What makes AMOLED better than the current IPS LCD panels in Apple devices is that it has a significantly higher power efficacy. “The issue is about power efficiency.

AMOLED is significantly more power efficient than the LED-backlit IPS LCD panels Apple has been using for years,” the outlet explained.
With news about a thin iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, there is not much room for an increased battery life since it requires a thicker battery. What do you think of this new information? Sound off your comments below. Source:Latinopost