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#Games #GrandTheftAuto6 – ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Have New Vehicles and Drones Coming with Next Game Installment : With the beginning of 2017, “Grand Theft Auto” fans are given renewed hope that “GTA 6” will come soon and with new gadgets and vehicles as additions to the game. Players are also anticipating a female protagonist in the next title.

‘GTA 6’ features

Recent reports indicate that “GTA 6” will introduce new gadgets like drones, as well as additional weapons and powerful vehicles. Expected to be released in 2018, the new Grand Theft Auto game could finally introduce a female lead character.

The female protagonist will reportedly be voice by actress Eva Mendes. This is something that gamers are waiting for and they hope that Mendes will give justice to a tough female character for “GTA 6.”

Where is the setting?

As for its location, many places come into mind including Tokyo but it is thought that Rockstar Games may have set aside the idea. Instead, “GTA 6” could have a similar setting as that of “GTA: Sin City.”

There is also the possibility that “GTA 6” could adopt the same environment as “GTA: San Andreas” while incorporating new hardware and technology to the game. The only thing that Rockstar Games may need to work on is merging the old look of GTA into the modern world expectation of players.

Multiple setting 

Gamers are also hoping that a multiple setting could be introduced in the “GTA 6” like players can jump from one city to the other. It will be a great offering once made available to different platforms like the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Another item on the wishlist of fans is the addition of fuel gauges into the game which is expected to make missions look more realistic. Gamers will also not worry about running out of gas while they are in the middle of the game. What are the other features you hope to see for “GTA 6?” Source: mobilenapps