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#Facebook #Messenger – Facebook Messenger now allows video calls with up to 50 people at once : Facebook Messenger now has a new feature that would allow up to 50 people to conduct video calls all at once. The caveat is that only six people can be on screen at a time.

Video calling has become easier thanks to advancements in technology and faster Internet speeds. Front-facing cameras of flagship smartphones have also paved the way to clear video calls to anyone across the world.

Facebook Messenger aims to build upon that with a new feature in the app. Up to 50 users can now video call each other in one group.

Since most users tend to have mostly only up to six-inch screens with their smartphones, only up to six people can be seen at once. Facebook Messenger’s new 50-people video conference call feature can be activated once the app has been updated to the latest version, BGR reported.

The app itself can update automatically if the user is at home connected to a strong Wi-Fi connection or users can do it manually via the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Just like the instant video call feature, users can still do their own thing even while the video conference is ongoing. Of course, users need to remember that their camera and mic are on before putting their phone down to do something else.

Facebook Messenger’s new video conference feature might be a threat for the new app called Houseparty which has similar features, Tech Crunch reported. The app already has 1.2 million daily users since its launch and it has become the go-to app for groups of users who want to chill with their friends through video chat.

The video conference feature in Facebook Messenger will display the six dominant speakers during the call. If someone speaks up, they will be highlighted or included in the six screens that pop up in the display.

Facebook Messenger is free to download in both the Google Play and App Store. Users can instantly initiate a video call if the other person is online. Source: Yibada

Learn more about the new feature in the video below: