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#Games #ClashRoyale – Clash Royale Dart Goblin And New Cards: Addition Of New Arena For The New Cards : Clash Royale has recently added a new arena. With a new arena, there also comes four new cards. Find out more about the all-new Clash Royale dart goblin and new cards.

Players have known of the monthly updates that Supercell, developers of both Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, adds to their games. Back in December, Supercell announced the new Jungle Arena. This new arena will require players to have at least 2600 trophies before stepping into it. Along with the new arena, there are also three new cards that can be unlocked from the arena. When opening the game, players can only see the first card, the Dart Goblin, which will be released in five days. The Jungle Arena and Dart Goblin will both be available for use in just five days. So, going with the jungle theme, the other two cards will be jungle-themed as well. Another card will also be released, and it will be unlock-able once a player has reached Arena 6 or Builder’s Workshop.


One of the four cards players are waiting for will be available in Arena 6, which is also called Builder’s Workshop. According to Clash Royale Arena, the Battle Ram card will be from this arena. The Battle Ram’s card descriptions says, “Two Barbarians holding a big log charge at the nearest building, dealing significant damage If they connect, then they go to town with their swords.” This will be a rare card that will cost 4 elixirs. So, the log will have its own “life” that will spawn 2 Barbarians. It is said that this card charges like the Prince, dealing x2 damage. However, this card will target buildings. Once the log hitpoints are gone, there will be two Barbarians that can do damage to opposing troops.


In this Arena, there will three cards released: the Dart Goblin, Goblin Gang, and the Executioner. These cards look as if they will be used greatly once they are released. Check out what these cards have to offer.