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#AkoniaHolographics #ARHeadsets – Akonia Holographics to Develop HoloMirror Technology for AR Headsets : Akonia Holographics, which supplies components for AR headsets, is now jumping into the manufacturing field of AR headsets. The company intends to make their own headset in order to take a slice of the $90 billion augmented reality market.

Akonia Holographics, a startup in Longmont, Colorado, spent many years supplying and experimenting with holographic data storage. But now, the company has found a new use of the same technology. The company is planning to use holography to make exclusive transparent displays for AR glasses or smart glasses.


Akonia CEO, Ken Anderson stated that they are going to use holography for manufacturing AR headsets. In an interview, the CEO disclosed that “We believe we can solve the problem of the eyeglass that sits in front of your eyeball.”

He said that their HoloMirror technology is the best way for bringing a transparent eyepiece which combines the outside world with a computer display. He even added that the company can provide ultra clear, high quality, colorful and wide view to the users. The company is initially targeting a 60-degree field of view.

akonia ar headsets


The company started working on holographic data storage in 1990 at Bell Labs. Then, Bell Labs is spun out as InPhase Technologies. The company went bankrupt and Akonia was founded in August 2012. The company acquired millions of dollars in assets and the entire 200 patent portfolio from InPhase.

The company has put up many efforts for developing this innovative technology. Previously, the company only supplied holographic data storage. But now, the company is jumping to manufacturing AR headsets with holographic data storage. Source: thebitbag